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Nerd Alert News Ep. 30 - Spider-Man is Back!

April 16, 2016

With CinemaCon just taking place there’s a lot of movie news this week.  James Cameron is now planning four Avatar sequel, Ben Affleck is officially directing a solo Batman movie, Star-Lord will appear in the next Avengers, and finally Star Wars Rogue One is racking up huge viewing numbers.

The featured story this week is all about the cinematic version of Spider-Man.  Information has come out that he has a decent amount of screentime in Captain America Civil War.  On top of that Sony officially announced the title of the solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming slated to drop in July 2017.  It's all great news for fans of the webhead. To get more information on any of the articles referenced in the show, check out our shownotes:

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