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Nerd Alert News Ep 3 - Superhero Overload

November 5, 2015

Welcome to episode 3 of Nerd Alert News.  During this show Chris will rundown some more of the essential news you need to know.  This week we find out that Daredevil is rumored to make an appearance on Netflix’s Jessica Jones, the Batman solo movie will be centered around the Death In The Family and Under The Hood comic arcs, and that lootcrate had put the Mass Effect crate on sale.

The big news this episode is that WB games has announced that they are offering refunds to all owners of Batman Arkham Knight on the PC.  The game had issues at launch and was pulled from Steam before making its return earlier this week. Sadly, there are still multiple issues with the game leading to the news that refunds will in fact be offered.  To get more information on any of the articles referenced in the show, check out our shownotes:

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