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Nerd Alert News Ep. 27 - PS4.5 Coming Soon?

March 26, 2016

To open the show Chris runs down the events surrounding the GonnaGeek Network panel at C2E2.  Next up is the news that Doctor Who is coming to Amazon Prime and that Xbox Live is now open for cross-platform gaming.

The featured story this week is that rumors have come out of GDC that Sony is exploring releasing a PS4.5 to support 4K gaming and better support the upcoming Playstation VR.  With rumors that Microsoft may do the same with the Xbox One it's looking like this generation of console gamers will be receiving an iterative hardware update in the near future.  Is this good or bad, let Chris know your thoughts on the subject. To get more information on any of the articles referenced in the show, check out our shownotes:

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