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Nerd Alert News Ep 2 - Boldly Going To The Internet

November 2, 2015

Welcome to episode 2 of Nerd Alert News.  This is a special edition of the show because there was some really compelling news announced today.  Before getting to the story of the day Chris passes the word that the Captain America Civil War Trailer is rumored to be paired with Star Wars The Force Awakens, and that there is no intent to patch Halo 5 Guardians to have splitscreen play.

This big news today is that CBS has announced that Star Trek is returned to the small screen… but with a twist.  A new Star Trek series will be available online via the CBS All Access service.  Chris will rundown the details on this service and just what we know about the upcoming Star Trek series.  To get more information on any of the articles referenced in the show, check out our shownotes:

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